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Have a Mouse Infestation? Your Electrical Wiring May Be at Risk

When you notice mice in your home, your first thought may be for the mess they will create with their droppings or the bacteria they can spread, or the potential for disease. But there are also reasons to be concerned about the wiring in your home, and damage which can interrupt power supply, cause shorts, and start fires.

Mice are avid chewers. While they will go for almost any surface, a mouse infestation gnawing at the wiring on your property is a significant risk. If you believe you have mice in your home, you will want to check wiring for signs of damage, and then get rid of mice quickly.

Why Mice Chew on Electrical Wires

Mice are not particularly drawn to wiring more than any other chewing surface, but there are a few features that make wires and cables a common location for damage. These include:

  • Mice Chew Constantly – Mice have teeth that grow throughout their entire life, and they have to chew to keep them the right length. Any object will work for this, including wood, plastic, metal, and rock.
  • Wires Are Often Nearby – The same places mice hide are often where your home’s wiring is. When mice are behind appliances, in walls, or in attics, wires are conveniently placed.
  • Wires Are the Perfect Size – A mouse can wrap its paws around a wire and hold it in place, giving it great control over the wire as it chews for a better experience.

Depending on which wires mice are chewing, they may be able to shut down the entire electrical circuit system in your home, or at least cause lights to flicker and outlets not to work properly. If they chew on wires for security systems or alarm systems, they may cause false alarms or prevent an alarm from going off when it is needed.

Any sign that mice have been chewing wires – visibly damaged wires, torn insulation, or a malfunctioning electrical system – is a reason to call NY and NJ Animal Control. But even if you do not notice wire damage, it is still important to take care of mice quickly when you suspect them. We use a comprehensive rodent control plan to trap mice before they can cause more damage. Contact us to learn more.

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